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cell energy and all of them hitting 52 week highs. all thanks to to as low. the unstoppable stock. adam: the obama administration is rolling out its 2015 budget and singing the familiar tune. can use a tax hikes? cheryl: oil prices reversing course, down 4% after closing at the highest level in five months yesterday. commodity analyst matt smith and phil flynn saying get used to this volatility. the energy burrito and the mighty fallen coming up next. when does your work en does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or wn your compan's bought another? is it over after you' given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody li
bailout, and second, they don't control their own energy. they have to get energy from russia. they as well as europeans get russian energy, now, when you think about of what -- how can you solve ukraine. europe can't stand up to russia europe needs russian energy, i take a step back, say what happened in last week,ing in to ukraine, nobody is talking about that chinese have come out support of the russians are. and while putin was preparing this, i think he has prepared this for long time in middle of the olympics he left sochi, he went to moscow and met with egyptian defense minister, they sign an agreement saying that russia will replace united states as primary weapon supplier for egypt, that is a major strategic in middle east. because egypt and israel, have kept the peace for 40 years, not just what we're all focused on tragedy of ukraine, but a much bigger picture, where whose destiny is anyone controlling it should be a caution for united states don't get into debt, and absolutely make sure that your energy self much. much. lou: wore working on the latter, but we're so
of their income on regular things like, you know, their energy bill and things like that. something to be concerned about for all of us. >> kent, you have a longer term approach to looking at the market. you look particularly longer-term investments. what do you see as a good place to be right now while the equity markets are skyrocketing, commodity prices are quite volatile, what do you like? >> well i think you know, valuations are still, they're not crazy especially for the highs of a market making new highs, trading at 15 times earnings or what have you. you're still finding specific names reasonably valued with good long-term prospects like, i will bring up one i think was actually down today. maybe i put my contrarian hat on and is trading near its lows is plum creek tim before. it has millions of acrers of best in class timber type assets. buy it at its lows. it is yielding 4%. it is a growing asset class and has a lot of great growth drivers, especially long-term wit as an inflation hedge when you, if you're worried about inflation too. general motors trades at very, very re
of concerns that such sanctions would boost energy costs by enough to damage real economic activity. melissa: without question and to me it seems like, brian, the long-run move here is to develop even more natural gas we can export as lng or maybe we export our own technology and partner with people in europe to develop natural gas. the real power russia has is their natural resources. you think we can take that away from a market perspective? >> well you are concerned about higher energy prices especially the winter we just had. when i hear what judy said and former ambassador this would be prolonged. how will it impact my investments told to be overweight europe because europe is been improving but is a major risk to that investment thesis. you could see continued selling. wait until you see how it shakes out. don't be a hero today. melissa: what do you think about that, judy, as an arguement? developing more energy and helping the world to be more energy independent of hot spots? we don't need to just focus on middle east but energy independent of russia as well? >> absolutely. anyone inv
us why he thinks the u.s. energy industry is global game-changer. of the chris gersch joining us from the pits of the cme. chris, 1850 on the s&p was one of these levels, 1848 if you are precise was the actual record to be broken but is 1850 all that important, breaking through that number? >> it is, david. 1850 is such a technical level that these traders right behind me are looking at. we hit that three types in january. made a triple top and pulled down to the 1750 level. the fact we're closing above that level is a huge bullish sign for these traders. liz: that is terrific news. we like to see that. larry, looking at things from a wealth management standpoint is number meaningful to you or have you been in this whole time and do you continue to be into stocks? >> we've been fully invested, liz, for quite some time, now of the we like equities. we like the market going forward. when you break through the triple top, now this turns around and becomes the support level going forward, especially looking at backdrop of monetary policy. let me finish up on that. so what you're saying th
what to do, but a little bit more problematic is what is happening the energy complex while natural gas is down, uk natural gas jumped 10%, that is very much getting sort of the heat of what is happening overseas, but again brent shown a real premium between the spread. >> that spread you should throw off the table in this scenario again. this going to affect it, faked in the uk natural gas without question. there is a knee-jerk reaction. i have always been skeptic of any sort of disruptions to supply. the russians of anything else want to make sure stuff keeps flowing. save it from an economic standpoint you need the revenues. this kind of a situation granted they're going to try to reach some sort of political solution here. as far as the delivery, i would be very doubtful of that, but i heard there was a sort of a line drawn in the sand as of our time. liz: this is unclear, parents to the russians to some ukraine officials have said you better pull your ships back, get out and stop protecting the region by 5:00 a.m., 10:00 p.m. our time, 5:00 a.m. russian time, ukraine time. >> it is
, todd, you know, they always take out energy and food when they're calculating inflation. as kim just pointed out, it is hard to take energy costs out of the equation these days. >> you know, if you take the average worker who is making less today than he made five or six years ago, and we're paying more for gas, more for groceries and look what is going on in the livestock markets, meat will go through the roof, where do people get money to spend? that is issue we come back to. the job numbers are coming down we're not producing new jobs. that is where i see the real problem going forward. >> job numbers may be going down but the market generally speaking is going up. scott, in that kind of environment are there any companies you see with lowhave wages out there? >> yeah, i think consumer, that is a good point, consumers are spending more of their money on heating their homes right now. i think there is a lot of pent-up demand we'll see later on. look at general motors, very inexpensive company. they're doing all the ride things. average age of a car in this country is 11 years old.
will respond? the only country willing to bail out is russia the only country that determines the energy surplus so i think russia does have a decision making power. georgia would have been easy. i think he waits to play for the whole game because by made the ukrainians will be bankrupt or will be broke can you imagine saying vote for me? i want to raise your taxes and force the anti-corruption austerity budget. the russians know they fall in their lap. >> the signals that are sent to russia russian defense ministers saying russia is now planning the permanent military presence outside russia's borders including vietnam, cuba, venezuela, ni caragua singapore and other countries and back in november secretary kerry said the monroe doctrine is dead. did he just waved the flag for russian expansionism? >> that is one of many that the administration has been waving. as clap to america the monroe doctrine is not popular and tell it is needed then they want to know where the united states is of central and south america are very worried about russian participation adventurism and a return of r
. to the extent we could impose energy sanctions on russia, understandable and effect because they rely so much but i would go one more step and say by 2020 we are expected to be the world's leading producer of energy and there's talk about exporting natural gas, we need to make it clear we need to start planning for the long game and we will have natural gas with allies that reliance on russian gas to be accountable. stuart: it is all about energy, isn't it? a lot of europe is supplied with natural gas, a lot of that comes through ukraine and from russia. therefore, there is a limit to a and forbid its natural gas to get into europe. the europeans will never look at that. stuart: we have to take into account the effect this will have on their economy, doing things that will affect their allies may not be beneficial but if the president came out today, he won't but if he came out today and said we are an energy powerhouse we are committing that in ten years we have great contract with our allies that would scare the russians. vladimir putin does things with long hall and he knows is only play i
to be placed on russia economically. they are an energy export dependent economy. once that we can do is to open up our export of liquefied natural gas. it will have a huge impact on the price and that russia enjoys in their monopoly dominated europe. i have a bill that would have expanded the gas exports to nato. dropping a bill today that will expanded even further. entering this in the national market and economically impact russia. neil: at the very least we should re-examine our opposition to drafting and some states. that is just more energy for us and the one thing that i'm curious about is it's precisely that energy independence. we need a lot of energy coming via russia and the ukraine. so don't think that. >> it certainly is an issue. they are, as you describe, being economically impacted by some very old things. this president needs to step it up and in that weakness, russia will be adventurous spirit even if they are and they start feeling the pain of their own stupidity or bullying, maybe that is what gives them cause in the future and tyrants who might think about doing
goes up. i will stay stock specific and oil names like encan ma and new star energy. i take off a lot of risk across the board. go back to my screen and take some risk off going into this situation on friday. melissa: don't move. i want to get some more reaction from you in just a moment. >> budget i sent congress this morning lays out how we'll implement this agenda in a balanced and responsible way. it's a road map for creating jobs with good wages and expanding opportunity for all americans. melissa: so the president released his budget proposal today. his direction is clear. he wants to tighten guidelines for the rich. extend tax breaks for the poor and help students with loans and raise the minimum wage to 10 person $10 an hour. thanks for joining us. -- $10.10 an hour. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: what do you like about what you heard? >> most republicans and democrats agree the earned income tax credit actually works. i think that is positive. some of the ideas on infrastructure were way behind. we're hopelessly behind on infrastructure spending in this country. we'll have to d
-up. 5.5 million euros per day. russia is a major exporter of energy to europe and a lot of those pipelines go through ukraine. this is a fear premium put into the price of energy and it is affecting our everyday prices. charles: it has applications to the idea this will be east-west, for tat economic sanctions. to a large degree europe needs that oil. sandra: this is also being seen as an opportunity for the united states. the reopen of the discussion of the keystone pipeline, more exports of liquefied natural gas. this could be an opportunity for the united states. charles: oil was already breaking out before this crisis. anything else going on beneath the surface other than the headlines? sandra: it is a safe haven buying. people want to own something other than equities because they see those as the riskiest assets to own right now. charles: a huge move up $31, what is it? gold has one of the roughest years ever last year, now all of a sudden it is seen as a safe haven, why is it a safe haven? sandra: everybody institutionally are piling on. the most bullish they have been on
on its energy are little bit more hesitant, the complete western unity on this issue is unlikely at this point. season companies and individual property and accounts in russia if the sanctions are imposed. concerns or confrontations stretching all the way along the north and east, that is true in the city here, it is a stronghold of pro-russian sentiment in ukraine and it is the home base of ousted president. pro-russian supporters seized a local government building but were remove this morning but not for long. they have retaken the building, re-raising the russian flag and singing soviet era songs. it just highlights the tensions and the divide within ukraine are still running very deep. cheryl: ashley webster, thank you for the update. we will monitor any headlines we will get out of paris but for now of course following this for the client. what are you talking your clients are of interest in eastern europe and in particular with russia, could be be concerned about the stability of the region right now? >> for the last year they have told european clans they face a threat in
have lost but energy resources are extraordinarily rich to use that wealth to reestablish military might. >> the biggest geopolitical threat you said russia. not al qaeda in 1980 soared out they are asking for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over 20 years. neil: that is the '80s back on the phone because forget whether the president wants to use words like that he might want to do the same. >> if you like your health care plan you can keep it. period. neil: that is the thing is that all comes back to make people think twice. they always regret to their words when it comes to russia at least you are not what we said. >> i remember hillary clinton talked about sniper fire. >> are these recording instruments? >> this rob the faint of a bite to call the '80s and gatt ronald reagan back. but it shows mitt romney but have made a good president who was the biggest -- the best candidate but shown compared to the weak leadership obama me but have been better off. the republican field is so wide open and that the theme is that you just showed better so empirically wro
for energy and construction products. cheryl: the word weather was going to be a big piece of it and we will hear more about it throughout the week. peter barnes live out of washington. a lot more data through the rest of the week. most investors at this point think the recovery is on track despite despite the weather. had to bring up that word again. how do you play the market right now? so much volatility. let's go to our floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group and the nynex and keith. is standing by. your reaction to the beige book and the adb report, all about the weather. can we believe it was just the weather in these economic numbers? >> i have always been suspicious of economic numbers that come out of the government and a painted picture of the way they want things to go. we really won't know the answer until we get some numbers from may or june so we may have to wait a long time to see if it was the weather but the markets right now as you have been reporting a shrugging off any bad economic data because they think it is a weather but we are starting to g
. some productivity you don't need as much investment in energy and a. liz: the chart looks negative, the stock fell off a cliff. you sound positive. is there an opportunity? >> it is an opportunity. proof of concept will come in queue 4. even though they had lower numbers due to a promotable holiday but as you look at everyone who has worked in retail over the last couple weeks i don't think anyone had a good holiday and is not something specific to them. there are pluses and minuses to their business. this stock goes higher from here but ultimately you needed. q 4 to have a big move. liz: we appreciate it. back to work. thanks a lot. carl icahn furrowing another plunge in his public battle with ebay. the billionaire investor firing off his third letter to shareholders, he is behind the typewriter sending his letters out, riling everyone up. the ecommerce diet isn't backing down, the founder and chairman himself responded so who's going to win this fight? title wealth management and the freeman, carl icahn is on fire. is he right or a giant pain in the ass? >> the bins we are sittin
has baggage from the past. she was involved in the energy industry with her husband and some people say she was corrupt. so the problem with ukraine has always been corruption. it is a very corrupt country. has history of corruption dates back to the soviet union but continues since the demise of the soviet union. for that reason it maybe easierr russian puppets of, other puppets of the old soviet union to say, we need to go in there and we need russian troops to make sure that this country doesn't dissolve into chaos. gerri: that is obviously a possibility. let's bring in back ashley webster who is following the story closely. ashley, do you see conflict? do you see dissolution? what do you see in your crystal ball? >> this is a different cut one and as david said what are we calling this? is this an invasion? certainly appears that way but who are the troops in unidentified uniforms? as i said earlier there are those who speculate, everyone does that when she these events move at such a fast pace, private security firm that the kremlin uses from time to time and uses them to take
clean energy source out there. they will not abandon their clean energy. these companies have ways of getting it done. stuart: you are clearly in a celebratory mood. kandi technologies. this is a chinese company. they rent cars, electric cars by that hour and get a government subsidy. you liked it. charles: up 38% from last monday. $14.20. 19.5 now. stuart: thank you, charles. nsa leaker edward snowden will appear from russia via satellite. we are talking technology and snooping. you represent young people. i have to believe that nsa snooping is a real big issue for millennial's like yourself. you do not like this, do you? >> i think that young people look at it like a rockstar. they want to learn more. the government is looking at every single tweet. they are just very interested. i think the aclu chair will be interviewing him. what is really interesting about this is young people look at this as a problem. stuart: exactly right. you do not lean to the right. you are in a different place. libertarians have an extremely important role for the young vote. >> absolutely. right. i th
the railroads? they ship a lot of products to the stores and they're big in the energy world. >> we don't have a position in norfolk southern right now. liz: i'm so sorry, that is tony's pick. tony, let me jump to you. that is my mistake. why could you like norfolk southern? >> right now we're experiencing the coldest winter in 30 years and rails, we're using up natural resources. natural gas is up to a four-year high and i think people will start pushing towards using coal as an alternative. well, coal is a 25% revenue chain for the rails. so i think over the course of 2014 you're going to see an increase in coal production and coal usage and that will help the rails. david: hey, sandy, very quick, you've got experience in all the markets including the cme in chicago. is there a general sense among traders in cme that todd is right? that in fact this market is about to fail and smart money is getting out? >> no, i'm not hearing a whole lot of that. in fact i'm hearing a lot of bullish talk from traders i talk to. i start talking to traders at 5:00 in the morning. i will tell you there is lot
i know what's down, the energy sector. as we look at gold, terry duffy was on with maria bartiromo on the opening bell, and he said he was going long gold simply because of the psychology, if people get concerned about equities, gold may profit. what's going on with oil today, tom? >> you saw the large pullback last week in natural gas from 6.5 down to 4.5, that's about $20 move in crude oil. oil's come off its highs from 105, but we thought it was. that was the high end of range that we've seen over the last eight months or so. but it looks like natural gas has found support around 4.40 in april, we look more that up to 5 before it pulls back and oil to down p to 100 before it makes another move higher. liz: good to see all of you. thank you so much. we love our traders. great to have you on the closing bell. breaking news out of state of california which, by the way, is the tenth largest economy in the entire world, so it truly matters. governor jerry brown will seek re-election. now, you remember just two days ago we had neel kashkari on, he's running as the republican candidate
, we've got a lost volatility in commodities. great reason just overall to be leaving the energy sector right now, even domestically. be very careful in commodities. watch out for energy sector. there are great sectors we have right now. reinvest into health care, financials. i love technology, those are combat safer havens. liz: we get to lincoln. it was alan trying to interrupt. lincoln is polite. you have a lot to say, lincoln. clearly people don't think this is a black swan event. do you? >> this is not a black swan even. alan's initial analysis of the technical aspects of the market. bullish divergence particularly in the bonds we all know where the smart money is. it told us calm was the underlying factor that penetrated this market today and kind of selling we saw both in russian etfs and poland as i mentioned earlier is initial knee-jerk reaction to some assets, flooding, removing themselves from immediate harm's way but the larger picture is much more pullish. we continue to see -- bullish. we see ism numbers regaining a little bit of strength. spending regaining a little bit o
and they are affected by energy policy, the board room, at home. also republicans don't worry about the life of julia. brendon can make up their own mind. we have to approach them on policy and things that matter but that resonates with more than just the war on blended. i am done with that personally i am pro woman and pro america. i will leave it at that. >>. [laughter] that was cute. thank you. lou: we saw the white flag surrender. [laughter] >> i know when i am outnumbered. [laughter] lou: maybe the democrats have something. outcomes the chairman of the ways and means committee to release what congressman turner pointed to have a document to raise taxes to be disruptive for the republican interest. what are your thoughts? >> i don't like it. i think we are all on a slow and steady -- steady slide that is delicate that pushes the envelope. there should be penalties clubs but this document goes a little too far and we need to be more concerned about the housing recovery to keep us on pace. >> we do need tax reform that the tax code does need a huge overall even john baker said it it will not happen
and they are affected by energy policy, the board room, at home. also republica don't worry about the life of julia. brendon can make up their own mind. we have to approach th on policy andhings that matter but that resonates with more than just the war on blended. i am done with that personally i am pro woman and pro america. i will leave it at that. >>. [laughter] that was cute. thanyou. lou: we saw the white flag surrender. [laughter] >> i know when i am outnumred. [laughter] lou: maybe the democrats have something. outcomes the chairman of the ways and means committee to releaswhat congressman turner pointed to have a document to raise taxes to be disruptive for the republican interest. at are your thoughts? >> don't like it. i think we arell on a slow and steady -- steady slide that is delicate thatushes the envelope. there should be penalties clubs but this document goes a little too far and we need to bmore concerned about the housing recovery to keep us on pace. >> we do need tax reform thathe tax code does need a huge overall even john baker said it it will not happen he incorporated what
of the few times when the sort of angry populous energy happens to be the right side of an issue. i can't see what's in it for the republiccns in the long term, other than a few extra bucks from the chamr of congress guys. >> and if you know tea party republicans in the house are the more consecutive republicans in the house don't view that as their base, their constituents. after 2010, we learned a lot of the money came from these kind of grassroot organizations and smallerer, not the wall street types they don't see that as the base there. >> and, without, you know, aski asking, not too far into the crystaball, there any sense that the republican party is changing, embracing the middle class, focusing on small business rather than being drawn to the money that flows from u.s. multinationals? >> you hear this from people like ted cruz. rand paul is actually pretty good at unctioning thabig business isn'tour friend if you belie in big markets. on things like wage stagnation, something that republicans don't want to talkbout but it's real issue to be dealt with. so, i think the republic
an on russia for much of its energy, more than 30% of the e.u.'s oil and gas, and under 30% of their coal is imported from russia. >> overtime, this will be a costly proposition for russia. now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their efforts in a way that resorts to diplomacy. as opposed to force. lou: president meeting with his national security council on ukraine. question, is how muchhat only of the ukraine will putin take for now. joining us, fox news straggic analyst, lieutenant world knoll -- world knoll ralph meters, are they beyond in your equipment crimea. >> let me put nonsense about negotiation, and sanctions and how obama is going to punish putin in perspective, putin now owns ukraine, he will never give it back, he now owns it in a matter of time it will join russian fedding a,ration -- federation, the question is how much more will he gobble and when? i am really concerned, i think that he sees it in for a penny in for a pound issue he has crimea why not just do it all now get all of the cavities pulled out during the same visit at the dentist. he does
energy because you ask asked. charles: it is a canadian company. and oil sands play. they don't like to use the word "tar." we had so we ask about this. it is really fascinating. the last time they reported up huge, setting a record, $8 billion, take the dividend by 15% and they are doing extremely well right now. stuart: what do they do? charles: they have traditional exploration around the world but their big thing now is the oil sands. stuart: for new deposits? >> they got it, they are drilling and getting more and more of this out. stuart: if they build a pipeline, that stock goes up or down. charles: absolutely. they think the keystone pipeline xl will be built. i thought that was interesting. somebody else's stock. stuart: now a charles pick hitting a new low. that thing is taking it on the chin. do you want to explain? charles: we took a loss this morning. stuart: a total failure. aren't you? we love you, charles. let's and on a high note. redeem yourself, up 48% since i had it on this show. they make convection ovens. stuart: you are kidding me. charles: their business is the
. we had some breaking news from the energy information administration that basically gave us a new number for end of the year storage. the u.s. is now going to be able to store 4.332 trillion cubic feet of natural gas at the end of the retail season, usually october and november. that is where we have a backup supply if we have a very cold winter and after this winter, traders are wondering if that is going to be enough. look what happened this winter. temperatures have been very cold, storage has fallen to 1.333 trillion cubic feet. a lot of traders, they fall below the two bid seat at the end of march we might not be able to get back to -- that is the big debate in the market. that led the market is so sensitive to the weather, big spikes we're seeing up and down. once again getting cold temperatures, traders worry we won't hit that number and we're back up today. cheryl: thank you. adam: banker to baker, my next guest list left of the i stress world finance to found a bakery with the confident name. the owner of stud muffin desserts, any bonus you ever got at merrill or morgan s
with areas that might get impacted. europe relies on the ukraine for energy and food. they are an important producer of both of these things. are you concerned about the ripple effects? >> yes, it really starts with collateral damage there. some of the countries are in the cloak of crisis, the more that their stock prices are following. i think you pointed out a great point. emerging rockets both on the stock side and the on-site have been lacking for months. the silver lining is kind of like, the u.s. again becomes the strongest guy or gal, however you want to do, at the beach. things are stable here. the economy is growing. steve and i had someone say it charlie gasparino said that if i was an individual of his upmarket, with full on money money out. so i think that the market is in particular a bull market and it will not end until the conditions star in this. the economy is not too hot, it's not too slow. then we have the fed easing as well. gerri: it's great to have these conversations tonight. thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate all of you being here. thank you. and still t
unsubsidized grocery bills, unsubsidized housing and utility and energy bills among other things. if they were allowed to keep more of their money, they would not have to work so hard with little to nothing to show for it. we love hearing from you. in this e-mail and and finally tonight, there is something to be said for gumption. moxie and confidence. that is what individual investors have been missing ever since financial crisis. we have lost our nerve. and news tonight that we covered that even one individual investors were performing mutual funds, their overall performance didn't match the funds. that is tragic. i believe individual investors are mimicking professionals and they see the pros jump on a women for no reason at all, the individuals do the same. long-term investing is dead. that is what i am told. i am holding may be the only advantage that you have in the market dominated by adrenaline junkies. not only will you reduce transaction costs, but your performance will improve as well. stick to your guns. that is my "two cents more". that's it for tonight's "willis
are about the same size. [laughter] we have tremendous energy and vitality it is my job to release that to have the pearl market -- pro market business environment. we can always do better. you always compete to make sure capital come to you, an entrepreneur and innovation comes to you. israel is the innovation nation end up powerful producer on the planet that gives us a great future. we would like to share it with our neighbors and with california. liz: prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu. with setting up shop in israel? >> you have to constantly of great products and services in shorter and shorter time. the way to get advantage is to buy into the smartest mines that are on earth in we have some of them. liz: 84 joining us on fox business. some headlines out of this with concern what is going on in the red sea but also hoping to see a resolution now of the ukraine he is the free marketeer. >> in the middle of this international crisis we hope is called the down i think it is slowing down. first of all, the housing bill down this is not that there rip roaring comeback? i
to chicago, there will be a huge snowstorm but we are looking at the energy market that is a little iffy. the crew turned positive in the after market session but with yet another storm, traversing the midwest what is the natural gas and complex? >> i don't think we are done yet but we do have some more cold winter coming. because of it we have some upside potential in oil and natural gas especially natural gas. the april contract remains. it is at a slower level than the march contract. has some upside. what i think is this. as long as we said above 441 we are heading higher and the highest we get is 550 to 570 in natural gas. liz: have a great weekend. we love to see you. 46 minutes before the closing bell rings. goldman sachs we mentioned at the top of the hour, the target of a government investigation, citigroup has a problem in mexico and new questions about the volcker rule, who if anyone is enforcing it. we have been asking this. charlie gasparino has been asking it, getting answers, dan gallagher coming up with charlie. and a higher purpose for gaming. electronic arts founder haw
and texas luciano elon musk says the plans to use renewable energy includes wind, solar farms that was in his plan announced yesterday. tesla says the factory will be at full capacity by 2020 and in its full year they reduce battery costs by 30% and produce 500,000 vehicles every year. gm sold 2.7 million new vehicles in 2013. adam: i was that all things z, which you haven't seen pictures of. and a new battery factory will be built, $1.6 billionnin financing. and the stock price and all time high. and the price target is $65. >> if you go to morgan stanley, $320. not everyone is convinced tesla can disrupt the batteries and do everything they are promising to do. it is pretty tremendous an increase even if we are talking about 2020 down the road. some are remaining very conservative. morgan stanley $320. adam: thank you very much. cheryl: high tech doesn't typically mean high fashion until now. the wearable gadget that actually looks like jewelery finally. adam: blackstone and steel for verisign gee, the potential ceo sees his exclusive interview with maria. cheryl: the severi
gradually for most districts while price pressures remain subdued except for energy costs and costs of construction products. melissa, back to you. >> peter barnes, thanks so much. we'll see how the market is reacting. james is on the floor of cme of the are you seeing any movement? market is coming back a little bit. we were down 40. now we're down about 30. >> this is very, very muted reaction here. the market is ticking into positive territory. spent most of the day in a very, very tight range. s&p futures are trading in a range of around 1870 to 1875. this isn't going break us out of this range. we're up on the day but seeing bad data we had this morning but didn't see all the weak money yesterday that got washed out this morning. i think there is bid in the market around 1870 level and i think we'll probably close the day high ier. melissa: james, thank you very much. google capital a firm created by google, inc., announced a deal for this is one of four deals the google capital has made in the last year. joining me is the ceo and google capital partner
but maybe it will tell us about being able to store energy in solar cells completely revolutionizing this industry. stuart: if you get a battery that holds a lot of power and runs a couple hundred miles on your car you just won the electric car world. if you say anything like that you won get all. that is why the stock is above 254260. 254, we will take that. su lily, the amazon for moms. it is rallying for the third day in a row. -pcome on, tell me why. nicole: this is a stock that people probably weren't falling so closely until this week. this stock today was up 12% which is double the sale, $22 idea. this is ecommerce. you go to the internet for moms and kids and they have apparel and home goods, double their sales, stock is 12%, is that 70%. stuart: we call it amazon for moms. charles: momentum is growing. stuart: dow jones industrial average up 25 points. janet yellen is telling the senate banking committee economic conditions have changed since the last appearance before the house a couple weeks ago. economy could be weaker because of the weather. doesn't know how much weaker
prime subscribers. the stock is up. monster beverage, they make energy drinks. people love them. sales update. so our profits. the stock is up 5%. a big loser, dekkers. good profits last quarter. that outlook for the next quarter. the real halftime report is next. ♪ predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technolo allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. e technology is acally creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. stuart: time for that real halftime report. joining us from chicago, larry levin, the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides, sitting side-by-side charles payne and sandra smith. is this 1999 all over again? >> i really do not think that it is, stuart. u.s. companies doing really well. that is the big difference. u.s. corporations are doing quite well. i do not want to say it is the opposite of 1999, but certainly a much different situation
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